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Meet the girls of Northern Lights!

Si Moose has been in the pixel community for about 12 years now! She started her pixel journey in the WOSIB group, Pixel Garden. Tanya of Elf Expressions was her first pixel buddy who shoved her into the world of pixels head first. She started hersi-mooseicon journey with The Pixel Alley members area of which she is still known for today. Her small pixels, cute dolls and unique ideas set her apart from the beginning. Since then her style has definitely grown! She still creates her tiny pixels that gave her fame in the early days but has since moved on to include large bases, and vector graphics. Her tiny pixels make a great match for Jelly Bear as well! Her favourite things to create are mystical/magical beings and creatures, and you will never see a doll of Sicara’s without wings! She specializes in the kawaii cuteness you will see in all of her sites and designs, and especially likes to create the gruesome sickly cute creations, especially around Halloween! Check out her person site at Dark Enchantments, and leave her a note below she loves comments!

Jelly Bear is a pup on the pixel scene compared to Sicara but her skill and creativity are that of an expert. jellybeariconHailing from the other side of Canada she makes up the best part of the Northern Lights team! Her super tiny, always adorable creations have created a HUGE splash in the pixel community. Getting her start in Pixel Mentors Jelly has proven to be an amazing pixel artist. Her style is cute and small, with a tendency towards the adorable! She has new fresh ideas that make her a breath of fresh air in the community. Check out this up and coming on her person site Funny Bunny Pixels, a site so sweet you won’t want to leave!


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  1. hi ive placed an order last week and still havent got download links thanks

    1. I didn’t get any notifications, sorry Tracy, sending everything now!

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