Customer Appreciation Points

At Northern Lights we appreciate every customer!

The points are now automatically added to your order, you earn so many points per dollars spent, which you can see in “Your Account”

So how do you earn points?

We have a couple ways.

  1. Register to earn 50 points!
  2. For every dollar spent you will earn points.
  3. For every review you leave of a product purchased you will receive 10 points.
  4. For every referrer you earn half of the points they earn.
  5. Join our newsletter and earn 20 points.

*To earn referrer points the person purchasing must cite you as their referral.

Please note in order to be eligible for points you must be a customer with Northern Lights, to so you can join up here.

How to Redeem Points

100 points equals $1.00.

For example, if you want to purchase a pack worth $8.00 you will need to have 800 points.

To redeem your pack, email Sicara at with the item you would like to purchase with your points.

 **Please note although all points from purchases will be added automatically, any points for reviews, newsletter subscriptions or referrals will be added manually within 48 hours.**

**Please also note the points are for Northern Lights products only, Sicara’s Products are not included in the points program and points can not be used to redeem them.**

7 thoughts on “Customer Appreciation Points

  1. 😉

  2. I just tried to purchase two tube sets. It went through to my paypal and it says pending. It also says something is wrong on your side via paypal.
    Not sure if I did something wrong….

    1. Hi hon I’m taking a look into this for you thanks for letting us know. We do accept all payments manually which will explain the pending status 🙂

    2. Hi hon just wanted to let you know the order went through fine on our end, all of our orders are processed as pending until we manually accept them. You can download them now and I will be emailing you personally with your order ^_^

    3. Hi hon, sorry I’m working on the back end here and may have changed something up 😛 I’ll take a look right now!

  3. Hi hon

    I just took a look at my ‘dashboard’ page, and it says that I still have payment pending on order #1167. It must be because my paypal wouldn’t load when I tried from the shopping cart page. Can you let me know which set it was, and how to pay you now for it? Thanks!

    1. Looks like it was an order for this set Terri-Lee Butterfly 🙂 I can cancel the order if you like

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